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8 August
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I was born on Star Command the year of the mind control ray incident. Which I was a big part of, by the way. Oh yeah. I was right there to stop Zurg. Singlehandedly, I may add.
I've also had a big hand in the defeat of villains such as XL, Gravitina, and Warp Darkmatter.
I currently work on Team Lightyear with Booster Muchapar, Mira Nova- PRINCESS Mira Nova- and none other than the big cheese, Buzz Lightyear. oh yeah. Big names. Not as big as mine but still big.
You may not have heard of me but that's because I usually work undercover. In fact, I might b across the street right now watching now- YOU DIRTY, EVIL MASTERMIND.
*ahem* Sorry to any hot chicks out there, I had to say that... in case there are any criminals reading this... not that there would be, because they're too scared of the acronym XR to even click. Ha. Hahah.